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Services - Adsorption Testing / Gas Phase Filtration

We operate tests on filter elements, filter media or loose granulated adsorber beds. We are able to offer a wider variety of test gases and test concentrations and can also work with extraordinary designs. The test standards used describe the basic procedures and test rig requirements. They can be adapted with small variations to cover a wide range of possible applications.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of tests in a wide variety of applications (e.g. automotive, agriculture, kitchens, room air cleaners, alternative cleaning systems), we are confident to providing the best possible services to our customers.

International industrial groups as well as regional suppliers rely on our test results and our extensive know-how.
Adsorption Tests
• Precisely controlled environmental parameters like temperature, humidity and airflows
• Tests according to ISO 11155 – 2 / DIN 71460 – 2 („Road Vehicles – Air filters for passenger compartments – Part 2: Test for gaseous filtration“)
• Determination of breakthrough curves and adsorption capacities for individual contaminants as well as for gas mixtures
• Use of precise detectors like Flame Ionisation Detection (FIDs), Chemoluminescence, UV-Fluorescence and Electro-Chemical methods
• FTIR-Spectroscopy for the detection of gas mixes, studies of displacement reactions or reaction products on adsorbers
• Desorption tests at various temperatures
• Large range of possible concentrations
• Multiplicity of test contaminants – see table
• EN 15695-2 2009 / 2017
• ISO 10121-1 / -2
• ECARF Criteria 11/2016
• Special tests such as catalytic systems, UV reactions, ozone generators, sensors

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