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Services - Scope of Services

We offer testing services for:
  • Automotive Industry (Cabin Air Filtration, Engine Air Intake etc.)
  • Filters for Aviation Business
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Building Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Clean Room Application
  • EPA- and HEPA-Filtration
  • Gas Turbine Air Intakes (GT-Filter Elements)
  • Pulse-Jet-Cleanable Filters
  • Electric Filters
  • Specific Test Studies on Electro Filters, Pipette Tips, Head Light and Spot Light Ventilation Filters, Antiallergenic Bedding
  • Portable Room Air Cleaners
  • Filtration in Kitchen Hoods and Vents
  • Active Carbon Filter Elements and Media / Gas Efficiency Tests
  • Media Tests in General
  • Bulk Activated Carbon and Carbon Beds
  • etc.