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Services - Testing of Material Properties

Besides the evaluation of filtration performance we also run tests regarding basic material properties on media and elements. This includes climate change tests, ageing tests, shelf life, conditioning under extreme temperatures and humidity as well as several stability tests or fogging and odor tests.
  • Climate change tests according to many different customer specs and standards
  • IPA-discharging procedure according to ISO 16890 in a highly automated and flexible TOPAS discharging chamber
  • Conditioning under extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Flammability test according to DIN 75200 (FMVSS 302), DIN 53438-3 and DIN 4102 B2
  • Odor test according to VDA 270 B2 and VW - PV 3900
  • Reflectometer fogging test according to SAE J 1756, PV 3920 or D45 1727
  • Gravimetric fogging test according to DIN 75201 / PV 3015

  • Antifungal performance according to DIN EN ISO 846 A+C und ASTM G 21
  • Antifungal test according to Nissan 27270NDS00
  • Anti-bacterial efficiency according to JISL 1902
  • anti-allergenic finish
  • Tear strength according to DIN EN ISO 13934-1
  • Burst test according to DIN EN ISO 13938-2

  • Burning behavior according to DIN 75200 / US MVSS 302
  • Water penetration according to EN 20811
  • Leakage tests
  • Oil thread test according to EN 1822-4
  • Shedding-test
  • Water resistance tests

    Some of these tests are offered in cooperation with our partner laboratories and external partners.