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Public ptatement by Fiatec GmbH and Take Cair UG on the investigation report STT200201
On current occasion, we are forced to publish an official statement on our test report STT 200201.

Different platforms in Germany and abroad offer protective masks (mouth-nose protection) together with a report from Fiatec.

This report with the number STT 200201 was created on behalf of the company Take Cair UG and proves the possible suitability of a filter medium for the production of FFP masks purely based on the particle retention efficiency in new condition. It was not a test perfomed on a mask made from this specific material.

Fiatec and Take Cair would like to inform the public that this report is currently circulating in a partially modified form and/or that statements made to promote different products are taken out of context for sales purposes only and might be misrepresented or interpreted.

Statements such as the filters and/or media would be, according to the report, washable and sterilizable, they would have a FFP3 classification or the functionality would be guaranteed for up to one month from the first use, are not true and do not originate from this report.

Appropriate legal steps have been taken to protect the population from being misled.

Stay healthy!

20 years fiatec
October 2019 - fiatec GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary.
In 1999, Heinz Bittermann and his former partner decided to set up a testing laboratory for filter functionalities based on his profound knowledge of filtration.

While today filtec is testing almost every imaginable aerosol filter for many OEM, filter manufacturers or operators such as RLT or Cleanroom, initially the focus was on the cabin air filtration, followed by adsorptive filter elements and HVAC filters. In 2015, the scope of testing was expanded to include an ARAMCO test system for pulse-controlled gas turbine filters and finally an ISO 5011 test bench.

Industrial companies as well as standardization committees rely on our comprehensive know-how and our extensive measuring equipment. Fiatec also acts as a partner laboratory for institutions such as TÜV, SGS or the ECARF Institute.

The associates of the company stand for over 60 years of filtration know-how that was incorporated into the company. Amon other things this knowledge is used to develop the filter-specifications of our partners and customers.

Fiatec always works independently and without any external or industrial interests. Our perpetual neutrality will continue to underline our position as the worldwide well-respected special laboratory for air filter testing in the future.
Founder Heinz Bittermann Retires
Coinciding with the end of the fiscal year founder and manager Heinz Bittermann retired from everyday business after 20 years of active service on October 31, 2019.
However, he will be available for the team and our customers as a consultant and will continue to work on his pending projects.
The company will be managed by Steffan Trnetschek and Matthias Eber, who both have worked with Mr. Bittermann for many years.