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Services - Pulsable / Gas Turbine Filter Systems

e.g. ARAMCO test complete or in parts
We offer the full ARAMCO test.
Fiatec runs a test bench according to ARAMCO standard for performance testing of gas turbine filter elements. The test procedures include the complete test scope described in the standard. Up to 4 filter samples can be tested simultaneously in one run. For this purpose, a default filter house with a standardized pulse-jet cleaning system was implemented, which can be replaced if necessary against a complete system of the customer. In the course of the last years of operation the control of the system was always adapted to the latest customer requirements, as well as the extension of the analysis possibilities within the system (e.g. the possibility of EN 1822 measurements), a freely variable volume flow up to 20.000 m / h or a highly flexible air conditioning , open up unprecedented testing capabilities for our customers.

In addition, this test bench allows
- various stress tests by permanent pulsation
- burst pressure tests
- tests in extreme humidity
- tests at high temperatures